Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Art is NOT selling Help !

JR is very artistic . He placed a sketch and also a painting on Ebay and neither sold.

I was surprised since his work is better then some I have seen in stores.

He has sold to a few friends and a small art gallery but again I was shocked that someone didn't snatch up his cool painting of Mickey Mantle on Ebay !

"Why are my paintings not selling ?"

It could be people just are not looking for the particular item , bad listing or it could be people are afraid of you !

"Afraid of me ,Bad listing?"

Technically your not a new artist since you have had exposure .You are a upcoming artist trying to climb the ladder to success.

People fear new things . I fear my car running out of gas in a blizzard and being stuck on a highway for two days so I avoid going out when there is a ton of snow .

"First off you need a air space! "


You can start one on Myspace , or start a blog and talk about your work on Blogger !

Once you have that cool URL you can add it to your signature in emails ,add it to your message board signatures and have your friends do the same !

Join a few buddy groups where there are other artists.

Its always a blast to have friends who have the same thing in common and your gaining exposure to !

"How do I make that sell on Ebay?"

A image must be of great Quality :

I mean really , your trying to sell art you have to capture the beauty of your image or people will just pass you by!

Black and white photos or blurry shots that your child took for you so you can be in the picture are not going to work!

Describe your image in as few words as possible:

I know theres one thing I really cant stand is to view a item and have to go through multicolored extra large words and read for two hours before it gets to the point !

Never LIE :

If your item has a flaw then tell them about it !

If you tell them your teething baby chewed on the corner and they really want the image they will buy it !

Start your listings at a reasonable price:

Now , I know your worth a million but really when your starting off list them low , If you have 20.00 in the material then list it at 30.00.

"Are you crazy lady?"

No , really people will come more to buying your product at a reasonable price, after you have gained exposure then your work will be worth more so eventually you will make up for the loss .

ts really no different then your collection of baseball cards.

Keep your shipping reasonable :

People will pass you by if you have a buy it now for 10.00 and a shipping charge of 50.00 .

Ship in a timely manner :

Theres nothing more annoying then buying a item and waiting a month for it to arrive.Thats grounds for bad feedback and the customer will never come back !

Now go get busy start a blog and give me the link so I can show off your beautiful work !

Anyone in cyber space have ideas on ways JR can get his Art to sell ?


Anonymous said...

Get your art to your target audience. It seems your target audience is sports fans. Where do people buy sports related artwork? Baseball card shows? Ball games? Where can you advertise that will expose your art to sports fans that may want to buy it? Also - you definitely need a web site if you are serious about selling your artwork. Then you can leave business cards (with an image of your artwork and your email address) at places sports fans (hopefully those with money and a need to decorate) might be - such as baseball card stores, etc.

You can also see if there is a gallery specializing in sports artwork that might take you on. If your artwork is consistently high quality this is a possibility.

Also - create a buzz for your artwork in your hometown. Start finding places for solo shows. Lots of libraries will hang artwork by local artists for a month or so at a time. Likewise some townhalls and coffee shops. Get your art out into the public and then write your own press releases and see if the local paper will do a small blurb on you. Donate artwork to something like a PBS auction. It all gets your name out there and can generate future sales. Enter juried shows. Get a list of accomplishments behind your name and get the artwork to the intended audience. This last one is especially key.

If your artwork is mostly sports related I think you're going to have a hard time on ebay. How many sports fans get on ebay thinking, gee, I wonder if I can find any original sports artwork on ebay today?

Good luck! Create your own buzz and look into books on marketing artwork at the library. There are quite a few out there that are really good. This is the one part of being an artists they don't teach too much in art school. You have to be good at marketing. You can do it! If you are serious, then go for it!

Devin said...

Hi! Great blog! I'm a mom to six so I hear ya!


stormisworld said...

This is really great artwork!! I could never do faces in art, I could do other parts after hours and hours. Ok, I sucked. I wanted to draw, but anyway. If it helps I will also post it on my blog. http:\multidistracted.blogspot.com