Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lets talk about RECALLS..

First off I am a sucker for used products especially baby equipment and toys. Going with buying used is always the possibility of getting a hold of a recall so I recommend researching material before you buy anything used.

"Do people really sell recalls?"


I had someone a few years ago try to sell me a used baby crib that had been recalled. I was fortunate enough to know about it ,since I had actually owned one in the past so I could not be suckered into wasting money on something I could never use.

Now not everyone is dishonest there are plenty of people who just didn't catch the recall and so it takes someone like me to point it out to them !

So a word of warning .. Never buy it until you make sure its safe !

The holidays are coming up and I am fearful of buying toys that have been recalled so I printed out a list to take when I shop , it will help me make sure I do not buy my children anything hazardous because unfortunately there still are people in the world who would gladly sell you something that is not safe and there are still honest people who really didn't know about the recall !

Side note .. If you own a recall please part with it !

Letting your child play with a recalled toy or placing them in a recalled product is just as bad as feeding them rotten bologna or letting your five year old go joy riding in your car !

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