Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday shopping

Being a mom of five im always looking for a bargin. I decided this year to hit the day after Thanksgiving sales at our local stores. Fighting the crowds I found nothing at all in the stores. People had wiped it out before I even got through the doors ! I decided to go back home try to get some sleep ,since I had been up all night waiting to get ahold of a few bargins and after waking decided I might as well finish my shopping and pay regular prices. To my suprise I found more bargins after the stores had cleared out then what was there when I was fighting the 5 am crowd. They had only put out a few items then and had brought more out alittle each hour. I ended up with everything I had went for at 5 am at 10 am ! I ended up saving over 200.00 !
All I have to say is jingle jingle.. I have some change left in my pocket and didnt go in the hole as bad as I thought I would !