Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to start saving that hard earned money !

Saving money is not easy.I plan every week on saving atleast five dollars and find by the end of the week I am five dollars in the hole.
I planned my list for grocery shopping this week , I even took extra time and looked through every store ad to find the bargins but I still ended up in the hole.

"Hows that you ask?"

When you go shopping , you always see something you missed on your list or you have extra things you were not aware of added to your cart.

"Well I can see missed items but unaware items?"

When you have children you get alot of unseen things added to the cart, especially when the cart is full. Children are very clever and know exactly how to distract you so they can get add thier favorite box of fruit gummys that were only $4.35.

"Now hows this helping to save money?"

Watch the cart alittle closer !

Reality is to ever make a dime we must find that way to save one.

We have to learn to tighten that belt and make things happen .

1: Take a spegatti sauce jar (washed) place it in your closet and everytime you have extra change immediatly place it in the jar. (Yes, pennies to.)

2: When you are figuring your check book round your amount off to whole dollar.

Write a check for 6.25
When your balancing your check book take off 7.00 and forget about the .75 cents act as if its not there .

3:Start a savings account.

" I dont have the money to start one?"

This is where rounding off to the highest dollar and forgetting about the change comes in handy. It adds up fast and soon you will have enough to start a savings account !

These are only a few ways to start saving a dime.

Any suggestions on other creative not so well thought of mind boggling ways to get started?

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