Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where to find some cool things FREE!

First off Thanks for helping JR in figuring out ways to gain more exposure and sale his Art ! I know nothing about painting unless you want to talk about the touch ups I do everyday because someone I know likes to write on my walls.Does that count?

Back to the point ,
I found the coolest place ever if your looking for stuff dirt cheap . Its called Freecycle .(Now if someone could guide me I really would love to learn how to make clickable links ) thats .
Did you catch that? FREE !Theres actually people out there that give away nice stuff for ... NOTHING !Remember my earlier post on recalls now before you start grabbing up cool things make sure its not part of a recall.
I went through and checked out a few items .I found cute little puppies and a gas BBQ grill all for FREE! Now I can cook my meals on the grill with aluminum foil and never have to wash a pan again and the bonus ... while im cooking my children can set quietly and play with their new puppy!

Oh the luxury life. Does it get better then this?

Well actually it doesn't get better then cooking on a grill with aluminum foil while my children are setting quietly playing with their new puppy but I do admit all that junk laying around that I have be wanting to get rid of and is to big for the garbage man to take, can now be giving to people who can use it ! My neighbors will be happy to hear I only have five bikes left in my yard and the pile of toys as tall as my house can now be given to other children so it can pile up in their parents yards !

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