Friday, October 26, 2007

Propane vs electric heaters.

I complain when the weather is to warm and swear I can not wait until it turns off cold.
Really im not the type to complain often, I just want things my way. Ok not really though it would be nice.
I wish they would invent a remote where we can turn the weather to what we want where ever we are. I know I will never get that lucky and since its most likely never going to happen I guess I will have to continue to complain about the weather.
Now speaking of complaining ,I was in a consignment shop today and they were selling electric heaters for fifteen dollars used .They were the tiny space heaters that might heat a ten by ten area if you crank them to the max.I was alittle shocked at the prices and became curious as to what it would cost for a new one.I went over to the nearest shopping center and found the same heater new for twenty- five dollars.
Now I know I would defintly pay the extra ten dollars for a new one but I wonder how many people would actually pay fifteen for the used.
I was complaining last week because we heat with propane ,to heat my twelve hundred sg. ft hut for just a month is going to cost me around two hundred dollars.I had this bright idea to buy electric heaters and use them during the day and save the propane for night. It really was a great thought but I see its not going to work out. By the time I buy heaters and even though I have not checked out the prices of the larger electric heaters since the small ones are so expensive I can just imagine what its going to cost for one to or two to heat just my Family room. Its not only the cost of the heaters but its also going to hike my electric bill and theres safety issues . When gas prices went sky high so did everything else including electric and though safety has came along way you still hear more house fires happening from the electric heaters then you do from a furnace. Now that its time to get to the point and I hate to say this ..
I guess I dont have a choice and have to pay that propane bill .I do know when next summer comes im not going to complain about the heat ,since there is still cheap ways to cool off without having to spend a fortune running the central air and I have yet to find away to save on the heating bill!

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