Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First off I want to thank the people who let me in on JR had is painting up on ebay ..It sold ! I know the buyer will be very pleased. I will post more as he creates them . This kid has some real talent !

Im fighting a cold which will last 5 to 10 days . Now im not one to run to the doctor with every sniffle nor do I run out and spend my weeks pay on medication. I use home remedies for the common cold (virus).
I have found warm decaf tea with a little peppermint (I use candy canes and break half and place it in the cup of tea ) will help a cough !
If I can stomach it (im not a lemon juice fan) but 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and honey dissolved in a glass of warm water will help a cough to !
Years ago my husbands grandma would boil water on the stove and have you place a towel over your head and place it close (NOT TOUCHING) to the pan and would breath the vapors.She claimed it worked wonders for those congested and stuffy moments ! I have to agree, I tried it and in no time I was clear and not near as stuffed up and it helped my cough .
For the aches , I have found a nice warm bubble bath does the trick for me it also helps congestion. Now if im running a fever im not about to take a hot bath .I normally take a luke warm bath and use cool a compress on my forhead and drink plenty of fluids to help keep the fever down.
And of course my all time favorite and I find it actually works well for me eat lots of chicken soup and drink lots of OJ. I know it doesn't sound great together but its not to bad when I have a cold since my taste buds are non existent .

Anyone with home remedies to help relieve symptoms of a cold without running out and having to pay 110.99 for cold meds?

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