Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another person going unnoticed.

I often wonder how many writers out there have their work lying around drawing dust and have produced magnificent work but because they did not have the knowledge and was ignored their work was pushed aside and now we have missed the most passionate words ever written.

Going through a divorse my dear friend put that energy and pain into writing a story by the time she was finished she had completed three. With the pain from having to care for her grown child and with trying to find her place in the world, she set aside her dreams. We have discussed her moving forward with trying to have her work published but like any other being that does not have knowledge she sets it aside.

Searching through the net, I found a many of places but most come with a price tag.
Not understanding why people actually pay to have work published and knowing she would never have the funds to pay I went on to search for a place that does not charge.
Endless searching, I have found other sites but being I don’t have knowledge either I gave up searching .I now fear this ladies work may set on a shelf in a old torn shoe box forever.

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