Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

A friend called just to let me know she found a way to save money today.
When I asked her how she planned on saving money today she said its simple lock the doors tell the kids Halloween is canceled..
She said she spent 65.00 on costumes and then she figures the gas driving around will be another 20.00 plus she spent 10.00 on candy for tricker treaters.
She was crazy to spend that much for costumes and though I liked her idea of locking the doors it wouldn't work around here . My children would freak out and sneak out and tricker treat without me !
I told her she could save on gas by walking safe streets and buying costumes on clearance or by hitting the thrifty stores.

I am already planning next year im going to hit the Halloween clearance Nov 1st-5th and buy costumes for next year and stock up on goodies to stuff in the kids stockings at christmas !

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