Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Friends making money !

A friend made a decision to start working from home. She searched for weeks for whole sale lots and searched eBay and found the things that sold for the most. With weeks of work and countless of hours trying to figure out which company actually was selling authentic products she found a lady who sold scarves. Really I thought they would go well but didn't realize how well. She bought them for only a few dollars a scarf and is selling them for triple what she paid!

I guess there is a way to make it from home , but the only catch is to get started you have to have money to make money which im short of right now and as my luck goes I would probably be the one who got a hold of a fake company and wouldn't sell a thing ! Okay I know not the right attitude and with her help im sure that wouldn't be the case . I didn't get any sleep last night and today all that's going through my brain is the first 6 letters of the alphabet.
View other blog for details of why im singing the alphabet..


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