Monday, October 15, 2007

Friends Hardship

Finding away to make it sometimes is difficult. I have a friend who is very crafty she makes beautiful beaded necklaces from her heart. Like all mothers she wanted to stay home with her children and find away to make it.
My friend took her last paycheck after having to give up her job because her child was ill , she searched the net in hopes to find away to make money. All over she seen ladies making things and selling it , she to used her craft ability and made a few things .
Being she doesn't have the funds to buy webspace she tried ebay. With no luck she gave up, depressed and sad that all her hard work and her extra money went into trying and it was not recognized she gave up.

Im here to tell her giving up is never the answer ! As my grandama used to say "If theres a will theres a way."

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